About Us

United Swiss-Turkish Company

Our company started its activity in Europe in the field of personal care products, perfumes and fashion in the sixties of the last century and we were distinguished by providing specialized services for women as we used to prepare natural products for personal care in addition to fashion and perfumes on demand and according to the request of every woman who came to our company headquarters. It was by preparing specialized products for women who were going to our services to prepare their personal requests, and there was no brand for our products.

We were looking to expand our activities in the Middle East and the Arab countries, so the Republic of Turkey was chosen to be the beginning of our launch in the world of beauty, because it is the country that combines the Eastern and European cultures, and the merger with the Al-Ghanim Group Company, the Turkey branch, was established, and the (United Swiss-Turkish Group) was established.

It was planned by our experts to start launching our products to the world of Eve in a distinctive way based on creating customer confidence in our products and after a complete search and investigation by the marketing managers in our group to find a suitable ambassador for our products. She combined in her personality an example of the liberal oriental girl while preserving her traditions and warm oriental femininity at the same time, as her recipes were distinguished by a wonderful efficacy proven by our laboratories.

Our products have been carefully selected based on their recipes, choices and wonderful experience in this field. We hope that we will be successful in what we offer of products and we hope that it will satisfy everyone and we will be the one who added a new color and fragrance to the world of Hawa.

What Our Clients Say

I love this website. It has a great selection of organic products for women of all ages, innovative and trendy. I will be a returning customer for ever! Especially since the shipping is so fast and comfortable! Thank you again!

Sarah Jefferson
Sarah Jefferson

I have been buying cosmetics for my face and body from this store for me and my family for many many years. The guys form the shop know exactly what we need and want. And they are always in trend. I totally recommend them!

Mariam ali
Aubree Schmidt

I have bought about a zillion of these, because I love them , and also because I misplace them all the time 🙂 This one is my favorite because of the way it feels. It is so smooth and I can feel it moisturize my lips instantly.

Lamis chaker
Vanessa Little